Sang and danced ”Awa no Uta” on May 5th,2021

6 like-minded persons who like “Awa no Uta” from Tochigi, Yamanashi, Tokyo, Osaka, and Hiroshima x 2 in Japan sang and danced “Awa no Uta” at the same time 13:00 on May 5th 2021.

“Awa no Uta” is a Kotodama1) song that appears in one of Japanese history books called “Hotsuma Tsutae”, which was written in BC by the Japanese unique letter of “Kamiyo moji”2) called Woshide. It is told that the god of couple Izanagi and Izanami3) sang this Kotodama song all over Japan for adjustment of the people’s words and spirits as it were disturbed. As a result, the people’s words and spirits were adjusted, and they became healthy.

It’s a very song that is needed in this time.

Awa no Uta
Awa no Uta

This is not only the report of event on May 5th but also the announcement of the next event continuing June 6th, July 7th … I would like to sing and dance with as many people as possible all over the world. We look forward to your participation as much as possible.

Let’s sing “Awa no Uta”!

Let’s dance “Awa no Uta”!

Dawnload “Awa no Uta”

Dawnload the score of “Awa no Uta”

Dawnload the training sound of “Awa no Uta” which included accompaniment of only of Japanese ancient Harp “Yakumo Koto”.

We uploaded the event on May 5th to YouTube under the title of “May 5th Awa no Uta by 6 Volunteers”, so please have a look.

The person in Tochigi danced with a holly straight sword which made by tree.  The sword is the same length of the 94.7 cm which was excavated at Ichihana, Ichikai-machi, Haga-gun, Tochigi-pref in Japan and discovered with brilliance despite being over 1500 years old. Amazing! With this holly sword she danced brilliantly while praying the sword return to the discovered place. How cool!

The person in Yamanashi wasn’t feeling well and exhausted from nursing care of her mother, but he listened to “Awa no Uta” and danced despite being tired. Finally she danced every day for a several days. “Awa” of “Awa no Uta” means  a vortex of yin and yang, counterclockwise and clockwise rotation. She didn’t know the meant but turned around and danced wonderfully.

The person in Tokyo danced together with the tree behind her. When she started to dance, the wind blew and the trees swaied. It looks like her dancing together with tree. Also, the glittering leaves of the trees looked happy for her dance.

The person in Osaka make us feel the overwhelming strength of male dance. The form of purifying the place over and over again. And finally, he tied the Buddhist hand sign. Powerfull! Unique! Pure!

The person in Hiroshima participated in songs, not dances. He sang each note from his stomach in a loud voice. This is the most important matter to make a sound of “Kotodama”.

Finally, I sang “Awa no Uta” with the instrument of Japanese old style harp called “Yakumo Koto”.

We look forward to your participation next time. We prepared lyrics and sheet music, so please sing and dance “Awa no Uta” and sent your video from the comment section.

Thank you.


  1. Kotodama    The spiritual power of words
  2. Kamiyo moji    Japanese unique letter used in BC
  3. Izanagi and Izanami   The god of a couple who is said to have created the land of Japan in mythology